[Taxacom] Looking for feedback on our new DELTA to SDD conversion webservice

Thomas Burguiere thomas.burguiere at upmc.fr
Fri Aug 23 11:50:39 CDT 2013

 Dear all,

We've released a DELTA to SDD conversion service, and we are looking for
people with DELTA datasets willing to test it.

The service is available here :
Please note that the service cannot handle .dlt files at the moment, you
must open your .dlt files with the
then export the directives contained in the dlt file in a
folder, zip it, and submit it to our service.

After having generated an SDD file, you can browse its content using

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thomas Burguiere

Thomas Burguiere
Laboratoire Informatique et Systématique
 UMR 7207 - CR2P

MNHN Département Histoire de la Terre
Bâtiment de Géologie
57 rue Cuvier
F-75005 Paris (France)

Tel : +33 (0)1 40 79 80 67
thomas.burguiere at upmc.fr

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