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Sat Aug 24 07:06:40 CDT 2013

Interesting question, Vratislav,

from a technical point, there are a number of "cloud" storage facilities now 
available online so this can be done.

The issue, at least for Americans (USA) is copyright.

For most works before 1923 (what we can the Mickey Mouse date, that is, the 
year that Mickey Mouse was created and, hence, under USA Law that remains 
the start of copyright protection and Disney / Hollywood will never allow 
that year to be changed) there is no problems and the Biodiversity Heritage 
Library program is providing copies of anything before that year.

So today if you want earlier literature, it is most lively already available 
on the web at the Biodiversity Heritage Library program. And while I have an 
excellent personal library, I find it is FASTER to get a page from BHL than 
going out and find the book!

Also, see their explanation on 

Yes, there is a "Fair Use" provision for "research," but that apply only to 
an individual. Yes, you can use something published after 1923 for your OWN 
research, but you can not share with others, even other researchers.

Yes, all scientists need to be aware of the copy-right issue and try to make 
their publications "open-access," although the Academic Publishers who try 
to control the market will prevent this as they want their 40% profit 
margins, etc.

Oh, well,



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I would like to create a virtual library with papers in PDF format dealing
with the Tenebrionidae family that could be shared with other entomologists
/ taxonomist.

Is there any advice that you could give me about what would be the best
place to store this files on the internet?



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