[Taxacom] How to share PDF > copyright, BHL, etc.

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The issue, at least for Americans (USA) is copyright.

For most works before 1923 (what we can the Mickey Mouse date, that is, the
year that Mickey Mouse was created and, hence, under USA Law that remains
the start of copyright protection and Disney / Hollywood will never allow
that year to be changed) there is no problems and the Biodiversity Heritage
Library program is providing copies of anything before that year.

Ah, thanks for explaining that anomaly. I had always wondered why the 1923 
cut-off didn't advance year by year.

What remains unclear to me is why US copyright should apply to publications 
on BHL from other countries, such as Germany or the UK. Is it not possible 
to put those post-1923 European publications that are out of copyright under 
European laws on BHL Europe, for example? Perhaps US users may technically 
breach US law as a result, but non-US users wouldn't.


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