[Taxacom] Draft Checklist of the Nonmarine Arthropods of Alaska now online

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Wed Aug 28 11:35:45 CDT 2013

> I for one find it extraordinary that in the early 21st century our field
has failed
> to get its act together and provide the simple, basic services most users
> require of taxonomic names. A simple list of names, linked to variations
> (spellings, synonyms, etc.) and appropriate literature, so that anyone can
> check a name (or set of names) and see relevant supporting evidence.

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard someone whine about this (and
every time I've whined about this myself), I'd probably have enough money to
fund the ultimate solution.

So.....shall we keep whining about it?  Or, should we try to find ways to
harmonize the myriad efforts that are trying to solve the issue?  And there
are MANY efforts that are trying to solve the issue (some of which have been
mentioned in this thread, and some that have not).  I actually don't think
that the problem is lack of funding, lack of vision, or lack of technical
solutions.  The problem seems to be lack of adequate coordination. Granted,
most of the efforts are stretched so thin that they don't have the
time/funding/luxury/option of trying to be better coordinated. Fair enough.

But complaining about something that is blindingly obvious to everyone
doesn't help much.  It's not that we're not doing stuff.  Many of us are
doing stuff.  Good stuff. Often VERY good stuff.  It's just that we're not
coordinating our stuff very effectively.

As Chris Thompson would say.... Oh, well....


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