[Taxacom] Paper on one fly, but of general significance

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Sun Dec 1 05:06:56 CST 2013

Dear Matt:

Our paper is not about providing lots of good illustrations. There are lots
of papers that do that (not only in Coleoptera but also in Diptera). We are
pushing the notion of deliberately including too many illustration in
anticipation of what may be needed in the future. I am quite sure that this
must have been discussed elsewhere, but it is not in the Konstantinov paper
that you linked. Konstantinov illustrates those structures that are
currently deemed as important in beetle taxonomy. Other 'unimportant'
structures and potentially new and relevant character systems are not
covered. For example, color information and sculpturation are not shown via
photography. The drawings of the habitus (Figs 57-58) are very nice, but
they are unlikely to capture as many details as today’s digital
photographs. The discussion in this thread also illustrates that the focus
of most descriptions is still today’s diagnostic characters. This is fine
for the descriptions itself because we can’t anticipate what may be
important in the future. But we now have quick and cheap ways (high quality
digital photography) to illustrate more and prepare for future developments.


Yuchen Ang

*Evolutionary Biology Laboratory*
National University of Singapore
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collection for the Sepsidae


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