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The news item is a bit confusing. It refers to 13 research staff, but the
Australian Museum website lists 16 research staff and another 9 collection
managers of whom at least some also do research. If all of them then the
total comes up to 25 researchers. Even if the museum has reduced research
staff (the news item is not clear about other staff) by two that is not as
bad as some museums that have eliminated most or all research staff. The
truth of the matter is that "no one cares" - that 'no one' being those who
matter, whether in government or in the public world. If they do not care
then the dollars do not follow and that is all there is to it. When I did
work at a museum (before being made redundant as science research was
finally eliminated altogether) I repeatedly talked to people who were
outraged by the decline in science staffing and I had to repeatedly tell
them that "no one cares" (in the context of the above), but most I talked
to did not want to believe that.

John Grehan

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> You know the sad pattern:
> http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/australian-museum-left-with-a-skeleton-staff-as-tyrannosaurus-exhibition-opens-20131129-2yh6v.html
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