[Taxacom] Evolutionary Plant Radiations Meeting, Zurich, 13-14 June 2014

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Any non-molecular dispersalists among this bunch of speakers?

John Grehan

On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 4:48 AM, <colin.hughes at systbot.uzh.ch> wrote:

> Evolutionary Plant Radiations Meeting
>   Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Zurich, Switzerland
>   13-14 June 2014
> Registration is now open:
> http://www.systbot.uzh.ch/static/congresses/radiations/index.htm
>     Recent developments are providing exciting new insights into the
> evolutionary dynamics of species diversification and the importance of
> evolutionary radiations, or rapid episodes of lineage diversification. The
> aim of this meeting is to explore questions about where, when and why plant
> evolutionary radiations happen, and how they proceed. The meeting will
> bring together contributions spanning: (i) new models of species
> diversification, including paleodiversity and trait evolution, and the
> increasingly sophisticated and powerful tools available for testing
> hypotheses about diversification trajectories and their causes; (ii) the
> proliferation of new molecular phylogenetic data, for more and larger plant
> clades spanning broader taxonomic, geographical and temporal levels, as
> well as opportunities for unprecedented phylogenetic resolution of rapidly
> evolving clades coming from genome-scale DNA sequence data; (iii) assembly
> of more comprehensive species geographic distribution, functional and life
> history trait data sets that are enabling more accurate and complete
> reconstruction of biogeographic and trait evolution histories and
> interactions; (iv) empirical studies of key plant radiations  for
> understanding the contributions of biotic interactions (pollinators,
> herbivores, pathogens) as drivers of radiations, the interplay between
> ecological opportunity and evolutionary innovation in driving radiations,
> and the mechanisms of radiations in terms of underlying population ecology
> and speciation.
>     Speakers
>   Tim Barraclough, Imperial College, London, U.K.
>   Mark Carine, Natural History Museum, London, U.K.
>   Elena Conti, University of Zurich, Switzerland
>   Michael Crisp, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
>   Michael Donoghue, Yale University, U.S.A.
>   Erika Edwards, Brown University, U.S.A.
>   Luke Harmon, University of Idaho, U.S.A.
>   Colin Hughes, University of Zurich, Switzerland
>   Steven Johnson, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
>   Daniel Kissling, Aarhus University, Denmark / University of Amsterdam,
> Netherlands
>   Christian Lexer, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
>   Peter Linder,  University of Zurich, Switzerland
>   Santiago Madriñán, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
> Susanna Magallon, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
>   Toby Pennington, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, U.K.
>   Daniel Rabosky, Cornell University, U.S.A.
>   Richard Ree, Field Museum, Chicago, U.S.A.
>   Susanne Renner, University of Munich, Germany
>   Robert Ricklefs, University of Missouri, U.S.A.
>   Daniele Silvestro, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
>   Tanja Stadler, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
>   Tony Verboom, University of Cape Town, South Africa
>   There will be an opportunity to present contributed posters.
> Programme
>   Thursday 12 June
>   Evening welcoming icebreaker
>   Friday 13 June & Saturday 14 June
>   Presentations and posters; Saturday evening conference dinner
>   Sunday 15 June
>   Post-conference one-day excursion to Schynige Platte, an alpine
> botanical garden situated at 1970 m, which boasts an almost complete
> collection of Swiss alpine plant species, and offers a stunning alpine
> panorama of the Eiger Northface, Mönch and Jungfrau.
>   Pre-Conference Workshop
>   Thursday 12th June
>   One-day Workshop on computational methods in macroevolutionary analysis
> – led by Dan Rabosky, Univ. Michigan, U.S.A.
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