[Taxacom] Looking for references

Jan Bosselaers dochterland at telenet.be
Wed Dec 4 01:40:34 CST 2013

Dear Taxacomers,

If anyone would have a pdf of the articles below, I would be very happy to receive them:

Beier, M. 1955 L Pseudoscorpionidea. In: Hanstrom, B., Brink, P. & Rudebeck, G. (eds), South African Animal Life. Results of the Lund Expedition in 1950-1951, vol. 1: 303-305, figs 23-24.
Beier, M. 1947 B. Zur Kenntnis der Pseudoscorpionenfauna des südlichen Afrika, insbesondere der südwest-und südafrikanischen Trockengebiete. EOS, Madrid 23: 321-322, figs 27-28.

Best regards,

Jan Bosselaers

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