[Taxacom] Procedure request

Andy Revolto andyrev01 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 14:19:44 CST 2013

Hello to all,

 I have a pair of clarification requests on the use of parsimony in a
morphological analysis.

 What is the value of bootstrap that can be considered acceptable for an
array of 61 characters for 40 species? I feel that the bootstrap is very
sensitive to the size of the data matrix, so for morphological traits,
generally much less numerous than molecular ones, one cannot expect an
equally high support. Is my statement correct? Are there any references
dealing with this specific issue?

Is it correct to insert more than one species with an identical set of
characters, that is, the same state for each character in the matrix? Could
this introduce biases in the results? Are there any published work
concerning this case?

 Many thanks in advance for your help

 Andy Revolto

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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