[Taxacom] Use of geographic range data as diagnostic characters

David Campbell pleuronaia at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 12:59:12 CST 2013

Perhaps a specific example would be useful.

Benson (1836) named a new species from India as Lymnaea bulla (butta
in text, bulla in the corrigenda).  He gives a very detailed locality,
but apart from saying that it is "fine" in the description of another
species, he fails to give any actual description.

Just because one could go to the same locality and collect snails to
try to figure out what Benson had does not make this a legal species
description.  bulla Benson is a nude name, not validated until Kobelt
published a figure of what he thought was Benson's species, so bulla
Kobelt is a legal species name.

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