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Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Fri Feb 22 15:24:23 CST 2013

Stuart Longhorn wrote:

>I suggest is important to know how the ICZN justify the 'trivial' 
>annual expense that 'now top $155,000'.
>Because to me at least, that doesn't sound trivial.
>Are the finances open for inspection, how and where have they been 
>audited/revised? Or re-optimised? Recently?Meetings for example. 
>What cost are incurred? Don't most in Western Academia have access 
>to online videoconferencing? -> essentially free.Please, somebody 
>tell me how ICZN spends $155,000 per year. [or min of $78,000 
>alleged by Prof Dixon and reported by Prof Page.]
>Before any backlash, I fully wish to say I support the ICZN and know 
>the important role played to arbitrate and support biodiversity 
>But, simplistically to fix a deficit, either earn more money and/or 
>reduce/refocus spending. I wish them to first be clear about 

Speaking as a Commissioner, I know that I neither receive any 
reimbursement for my time and effort, nor have I ever been offered 
money to attend any conferences. On the other hand, the ICZN is 
effectively run by a small staff housed in the NHM in London (the 
Secretariat; see http://iczn.org/secretariat), and it is my 
understanding (which may not be entirely correct) that at least a few 
of these people are employed full-time by the ITZN, others part-time, 
and a few volunteers. Frankly, if even 3 or 4 people are employed 
full-time, that *alone* would easily account for $155,000 - in fact, 
that would be a rather poor salary for anyone living in London. In 
that respect, $155,000 seems like an extremely small budget, and I 
have every expectation that it is all being well-spent.


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