[Taxacom] Kickstarter for Taxonomy

Michael A. Ivie mivie at montana.edu
Fri Feb 22 16:26:16 CST 2013

Lessons to think about.

When an organization puts out a call for assistance because of financial
difficulty there are things that need to accompany that call.

First, a very clear evidence of competency, transparency, and
responsibility to those being asked for help.  In today's world, that
means an effective provision of data on a website.  In this case, having
"access denied" responses and needing to know (without help from the
website itself) how to get financial data from a second party are not

Provide a method of encouraging "belonging"  as a reason to support the
cause.  If there is a membership, put up a place to join, and expect
members to pay for the privilege.

Provide clear links to any information that a donor might ask, such as
what is the budget, what are the trends, what is the oversight like, who
is in charge?  Overwhelm the potential donor with data and evidence of
competence and responsibility.  In today's world, we don't just trust
anyone, not even priests.

I will continue to encourage donations to the ASZN in support of the
Trust, but they really need to make it easier to convince people.  The
fact that THIS GROUP has to even have these questions is evidence of less
communication than would have been considered adequate.


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