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Dear Taxacomers.
Thank you for all replies/continued opinions to these matters.
I checked links, and especially financial reports. It is both dismaying and strangely interesting to see how an established UK-based charity of vital importance to biodiversity does things financially!
Indeed, i am totally inline with what i think Michael Ivie voiced as a/the crux; to inspire confidence in potential donors.
Especially as finances show 'grants and donations' being majority of income, almost doubling from the 2007-09 av. £35K to 2011=£62k and 2010=£50k, with 2011 increases to about 2/3rd of total income. 
Just to say i was dismayed by part of Frank's initial reply "London, as you know, is outrageously expensive". Having myself lived in london for several years and paying exorbitant costs, i know it continually ranks highly as one of the most expensive cities on earth. Indeed, financial reports show the vast bulk of expenditure is salaries. Much love to those working in London, but just cost-cutting any 'london weighting' typically added to london-salaries could have led to the society breaking even in 2011. Indeed a useful precedent is that the former 'Royal Entomological Society of London" is no longer in London. Time for more questions to the trustees. I'll also admit that negative impacts to a small but dedicated staff could easily be detrimental, and admit some benefits to london living, such as easy access to potential big donors - i'm seeing some small but helpful profits from lectures and the like, which could also help fill the deficit.  
I appreciate the argument for access to an extensive library (eg. NHM), but aren't the same museums already giving donations of decent amounts of funding to a great and worthy drive for digitization of many old journals concerned with biodiversity (eg BHL etc). Those are then available to the whole world rather than just the specific researchers looking into particular cases? Sorry, but i don't yet buy into the suggested need for continuous access of all paid staff to such facilities - some staff some times sure. But, there are other benefits from such a world renowned central venue. Doesn't the NHM already make big bucks from a continued steam of fine dinning / lecture events for companies/charities - if you're going to pay for staff to work in such an grand setting, well i see an vast profitable opportunity of 'education and outreach'.
Thank you gentlemen for feedback on my concerns, and thank you to Michael for expanding several interesting points.Thank you all for those links. Hopefully now all the wonderful volunteers and staff of the ICZN now put more pressure on the trust/trustees about such issues.

Kind Regardsstuart
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