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Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
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I am probably not the one to ask, but in general botany
is organized a little differently. As you know, the handling
of nomenclature proposals is done by Committees,
which consist of dedicated botanists across the world, so
there is no need for a secretariat to do this.

The IAPT is moderately robust and financially supports
the work of the Editorial Committee that puts together
the Code, and contributes to the travelling expenses of
key persons to an IBC (check any preface of any edition
of the Code and the Congress report, in Taxon 60: 1520.
2011). Also the IAPT funds the Proceedings of the
Nomenclature Section, so that each participant gets a
free copy (although for neither the Vienna nor the 
Melbourne Congress this has materialized, as yet) The 
IAPT, like any society, produces yearly financial reports, 
and I am sure we saw figures at Melbourne. But there 
is not a super-abundance of money.


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>I agree fully Paul. It looks like an essential stopgap is needed, and
> this might be one way to do it.
> I have to confess to not really being across the details of the
> funding/governance model in Botany to know if there are any useful
> lessons to be learned. Would you be able to share an explanation? Or
> are we in a similarly fragile situation?
> jim
> On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 7:30 PM, Paul van Rijckevorsel
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>> True enough, but to start "a radical rethink" of a "structurally
>> flawed" system it surely helps to get people moving and
>> starting to think about it. A move "to beg and bully individual
>> charity for what is effectively small change" may just be the
>> suitable initial step on the way to bigger things?
>> Paul
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