[Taxacom] New Paper on Mollusca

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 08:45:45 CST 2013

I thought this was nice paper, although I am not a mollusk specialist. A
couple of comments for future consideration. I found it a little
frustrating that there were not distribution maps. This might not matter
for those familiar with the group or the region but otherwise makes the
information less accessible. Also, since the point was made that the genus
occurred in Chile and 'New Zealand', a map of that
overall distribution could have been informative since the countries are
just name tags rather than defining a distribution.

Lastly, there is the comment that "Further study of radular characters,
comparative anatomy and DNA will improve the taxonomic placement of the
Chilean species." This is ambiguous. What does the author really mean. How
will the addition of 'DNA' (base pair sequence mating?) improve the
taxonomic placement? Does the author believe in combining morphogenetic and
molecular data to get the "improved" result? Without the specifics the
statement becomes a rhetorical device that does not really contain

Also, if one is combining morphogenetic and molecular data for living taxa,
how does one really integrate fossils that are limited to morphogenetic
characters, especially if a combined approach renders all the morphology
incongruent with the preferred tree that is only supported by molecular

John Grehan

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 7:55 PM, Juan Francisco Araya
<jfaraya at u.uchile.cl>wrote:

> Hello to All:
> I have been just published; my paper is about a new species of
> *Aeneator*(Mollusca: Buccinidae), a deep water gastropod from northern
> Chile. You can
> find it at (it is open access):
> http://www.pensoft.net/journals/zookeys/article/4446/a-new-species-of-aeneator-finlay-1926-mollusca-gastropoda-buccinidae-from-northern-chile-with-comments-on-the-genus-and-
> Regards,
> Juan Francisco.
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