[Taxacom] plant without ID in cultivation

Wallnöfer Bruno bruno.wallnoefer at NHM-WIEN.AC.AT
Wed Jan 23 05:30:24 CST 2013

Dear colleagues,


Here in Vienna we have a particular plant without ID in cultivation. Its origin is uncertain (South America? Asia? Sri Lanka?).

Four digital photos can be seen at: http://public.nhm-wien.ac.at/unidentified_plant.zip



shrub ca. 1 m tall, obviously dioecious; without latex, leaves simple, alternate, without stipules;

flowers male, in spikes which are shed after anthesis as a whole; 

calyx synsepalous, small, dish-shaped, with 5 very short teeth, appressed to the corolla; 

corolla sympetalous, with 5, valvate teeth;

stamens 5, antesepalous;

anthers introrse, opening by two longitudinal slits

rudiment of the ovary superior, without any structures inside


As the female characters are missing, a technical identification is very difficult.


What could it be?


With very best wishes from Vienna,




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