[Taxacom] Theoretical basis of biological classification

David Penney David.Penney at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Jan 28 05:30:23 CST 2013

Earlier this month we published a book that will be of interest to readers of this list: "Nomosystematics – A closer look at the theoretical foundation of biological classification" by Boris Zakharov. I found this a fascinating read, quite unlike anything else I have come across before. It is a relatively short and easy-to-read philosophical account of the human mind’s ability to conceptualize exactly what a species and/or organism is and how biology compares with other disciplines that are based on 'strict laws of nature'. This book would make an excellent subject for undergraduate tutorial discussion groups and I expect it will be of interest to anybody who describes new species, in addition to palaeontologists and biologists in general. More details can be found on the Siri Scientific Press website (click the front cover image): http://www.siriscientificpress.co.uk/Pages/default.aspx

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