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Fred Schueler bckcdb at istar.ca
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Quoting "Shorthouse, David" <davidpshorthouse at gmail.com>:

> "What you are doing and why?" - purely academic at this stage.
> We've (sensu lato) been sharing digitized occurrence data for decades
> now and I'd like to think that this work has played a big part in
> reshaping government policy at a regional, State/Province, or National
> level. If it has, there must be some examples. I'd like to see
> evidence that counting the beans has affected the bean counters as it
> were.

* you find me immersed in this - the Canadian 'Species at Risk'  
procedure depends on defining 'critical habitat' (destined for some  
degree of protection or remediation) which in the case of most at-risk  
Unionid mussels are GIS-defined reaches of rivers with one or more  
occurrence records along them. Todd Morris <Todd.Morris at dfo-mpo.gc.ca>  
could point you at webpages or documents that exemplify or expound  
this - all the ones I'm working with now are preliminary and are  
stamped "do not circulate."

fred schueler
> Here's an example of my thought processes:
> Because government funding for collections in many countries has
> become more competitive, museums are looking to the private sector for
> support. If these clients were environmental consultants who work on
> behalf of industry - many do collect specimens after all - they follow
> government policy with regard to the publication of their reports.
> So...
> Where in these government policies is there mention of deposition of
> specimens, associated occurrence data, etc.? In other words, can we
> tie changes in policy to the advent of accessible occurrence data?
> David

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