[Taxacom] Al Gore on evolution

Ken Kinman kinman at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 29 21:05:38 CST 2013

Dear All,
      I was listening to Al Gore this morning on The Today Show.  He said something to the effect that because of our ability to inject genes into organisms that we are now in "charge of evolution".  I suppose that could be said to some extent, not only because of our ability to inject new genes in some organisms, but various other reasons as well (such as breeding programs in zoos to preserve as much genetic diversity as possible in endangered species, in which we exercise a bit of control over what we have left).  
      However, much of what is still happening among fast evolving forms, especially among bacteria and viruses, seems to be out-pacing our efforts to control them.  We can still barely contend with new antibiotic-resistant microbes in developing countries, much less what what is happening in the third world.  With their vast numbers and ability to quickly evolve, seems like microbes will still be in charge for some time to come (much as they have always been).                 

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