[Taxacom] Papis --- a GBIF-ready specimen and image database

Thomas Pape TPape at snm.ku.dk
Wed Jan 30 13:33:55 CST 2013

For those who need a simple and easy to use system for zoological
specimen-level data management: All you need is a recent FileMaker
version and a few downloads from http://www.papis.dk/

The Papis system is a database system based on FileMaker Pro and
designed for specimen registration throughout the Animal Kingdom. 
Papis covers the basic needs for registration, image handling and online
data sharing.
It is well suited for institutions as well as for individual
You need FileMaker but the rest is free.

You can install Papis on your desktop computer, or bring it with you on
your laptop when traveling to other museums or into the field.
Or you can install Papis on a FileMaker server, give access rights to
selected individuals and let people work simultaneously with the system.

With Papis you can:
- create new records singularly or as multiple records (duplicates) in a
few seconds,
- search all fields, singly or in combinations,
- attach an unlimited number of images to individual specimen records,
- auto-create unique names to your images,
- search, find and compare images,
- import and export in various formats,
- extract data to your homepage,
- print small-size CatalogueNumbers and pin-labels or larger-sized
barcode labels,
- create DNA sample records and register your gene sequences,
- create and print loan forms of registered or non-registered material,
- register your expeditions, create and print small, medium, or
large-size locality labels,
- create and print various types of unit tray labels or drawer labels,
- create distribution maps,
- auto-create, ZIP and export a DarwinCoreArchive ready for GBIF and
fully IPT compatible, sharing you data with the World with just a few

Read more at http://www.papis.dk/

Thomas Pape & Nikolas Ioannou
Natural History Museum of Denmark

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