[Taxacom] Scottish Phylogeny Discussion Group, 18 February

Daniel Barker db60 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Thu Jan 31 14:57:33 CST 2013

Dear Taxacom,

The fifth meeting of the Scottish Phylogeny Discussion Group will be held
by Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland at the James Hutton Institute,
Invergowrie, on 18th February 2013. The meeting will start with lunch at 1

Dr Jim Procter, Jalview Coordinator, College of life sciences, University
of Dundee

will talk on:

"Creation, curation and analysis of Protein and RNA alignments with

This will be followed by a range of talks by phylogeny researchers based
in Scotland.

To register to attend, please see:


Registration includes free buffet lunch, tea and coffee. If you wish to
come for dinner after the meeting (charged at cost), please indicate this
when you register.

* * * *

Abstract: Creation, curation and analysis of Protein and RNA alignments
with Jalview

Jalview (www.jalview.org) is a BBSRC funded open source tool for the
visualisation and analysis of protein and nucleic acid sequence alignments
that is widely used in teaching and research. Available as a web based
applet, or Desktop application, version 2.8 incorporates Jmol, a molecular
structure viewer, and the RNA structure viewer VARNA. The Jalview Desktop
supports figure generation, and provides access to a range of sequence,
alignment, 3D structure and annotation databases, and analysis services
provided by the University of Dundee and Free University of Amsterdam. It
also acts as a graphical client for the alignment, protein disorder
prediction and amino acid conservation analysis programs made available as
Java Bioinformatics Analysis Web Services

In this talk, I will highlight the key developments in Jalview that have
made it possible to create, curate and analyse protein and RNA sequence
alignments in the context of structure, biological knowledge and
evolutionary analyses. I'll also discuss some of the current challenges
with regard to the creation, curation and analysis of alignments, and how
they fit with Jalview's development roadmap.

- Jim Procter.

* * * *

Daniel Barker
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