[Taxacom] full citation needed for Maindronia neotropicalis Bouvier, 1897

Kipling WILL kipwill at berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 2 11:12:09 CDT 2013

I am trying to track down the description of Maindronia neotropicalis
Bouvier, 1897 [in some places attributed to Wygodzinsky]

I have this paper-

Title: Le genre Maindronia, type nouveau de la famille des Lepismides.
Author(s): Bouvier, E. L.
Source: Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France  Pages: pp. 21-23
Published: 1897

But it has only Maindronia mascatensis.

ZooRec list M. neotropicalis as a NSP in-

Beitrage zur Kenntnis der Dipluren und Thysanuren der Schweiz.
Author(s): Wygodzinsky, P. W.
Source: Verhandlungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Basel  Volume:
51  Pages: pp. 40-64  Published: 1940

But it isn't in that paper.

Any help locating the correct original description and other papers on
Maindronia would be appreciated.



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