[Taxacom] Blind-snakes Australia - 2-3 times as many as thought....

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
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Dear Gents, Ladies, Dimwits and Raymond, but particularly Raymond:
The reference of which you speak (but don't cite!) is presumably this: Marin, J. et al. (Early View, 2013): Hidden species diversity of Australian burrowing snakes (Ramphotyphlops). Biological journal of the Linnean Society, doi: 10.1111/bij.12132
A search in the PDF for the name Hoser turns up nothing. Actually, I find the above article to be somewhat vague in terms of taxonomy/nomenclature, but at least they don't oversplit genera, like this fellow did in 2012: Hoser, R. 2012: A review of the extant Scolecophidians (“Blindsnakes”) including the formal naming and diagnosis of new tribes, genera, subgenera, species and subspecies for divergent taxa. Australasian journal of herpetology, (15): 1-64.
I think many people here would say that if you name enough taxa willy nilly, a few names are bound to stick purely by chance ... so I wouldn't crow too loudly about it if I were you ... just a bit of friendly free advice ...

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Gents and ladies, did you see the latest from Marin, Donnellan, Vidal, Aplin and the rest this week.

They say there are about 2-3 times the known number of blindsnake species in Australia 
with a series of phylogenies that upheld the species I recently named.
- Bad news is they put them all in Ramphotyphlops .... (dimwits!).

PS - Those who reckon everything is already named are dreaming!
All the best

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