[Taxacom] On genera, splitting and ranking

Frank.Krell at dmns.org Frank.Krell at dmns.org
Sat Jul 13 11:59:52 CDT 2013

Ken wrote:      "I think age of origin as a criterion for rank was a very ill-advised idea and thank goodness it was rejected.  If we were to apply it too all living things, all the kingdoms, phyla, and classes would be prokaryotes.  Animalia and Plantae would probably be orders or families.    CLEARLY, the classification we have is skewed or "distorted" for good reason, so that it is useful and balanced in way that age of origin would never have achieved (even if we did have accurate ages for all taxa)."

So what is the "good reason"?
Balanced? In what way? To make us feel comfy? Or some of us? To accommodate gut feelings rooted in old traditions? You didn't explain the good (scientific?) reasons.


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