[Taxacom] Fw: Eliminating fungus from pinned specimens

Bernarr.R.Kumashiro at hawaii.gov Bernarr.R.Kumashiro at hawaii.gov
Wed Jul 31 16:14:01 CDT 2013

Hi all:

I was just given a small collection (5 unit trays)  of braconids. I 
noticed that a few specimens had some fungus growing on them. 
Is it safe to incorporate it into the department's general collection or 
should I be treating them with something before doing so? If yes, then 
what chemicals should I be using or should I put it in the freezer?
Is there a way of eliminating the fungus altogether  without damaging the 

I was told that room where the specimens came from is not central air 
cooled, and the room does get humid. What can be done to mitigate the 
growth of fungus? If a dessicant can be used, does it work ok with 

Thank you in advance, and sorry for cross posting.


Bernarr Kumashiro
Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture

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