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Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Sun Jun 23 22:01:21 CDT 2013

Ken Walker wrote:

"Ha! I think your barbs should be aimed at the Australian taxonomic community who have not updated the Australian Faunal Directory (our supposed taxonomic
backbone) with these additional species."

To be fair to that community, it would be worth knowing what the AFD's agency ABRS has to say. Unfortunately I'm getting a server error on AFD searching today, so I can't see track any details.

What's interesting, though, is that the Catalogue of Life (23 May 2013) lists only

Apteropanorpa tasmanica Carpenter, 1941
A. evansi Byers and Yeates, 1999

and is missing the two other known species listed in Wikispecies:

A. hartzi Palmer, Trueman and Yeates, 2007
A. warra Palmer, Trueman and Yeates, 2007

The 2007 paper was published in the Australian CSIRO journal 'Invertebrate Systematics', and one of its authors is a distinguished taxonomist who is Director of the Australian National Insect Collection and a member of the ABRS Advisory Committee. I'm not suggesting that's good reason that the 2007 species *should* be in ALA and CoL, just thinking that not every taxonomist is personally anxious to ensure that the Gigantic All-Taxon Biodiversity Database gets built, and soon.
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