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Lots! Why can't we work together? Largely because of economic factors and human nature. Realistically, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of working together in perfect harmony on a single unified project, but we should be pushing for slightly higher levels of cooperation. Note that all funded projects are underfunded, given the enormity of the task, so none of them can ever reach completion. It could be done on Wikispecies, but only if lots of contributors are willing to give up a little bit of their time, which they aren't! Nevertheless, I believe that Wikispecies is the most likely to get there first, but I don't know how likely that is. Meanwhile, much $$$ will be spent paying various people to do the same thing on different projects, even though they can never really succeed. But it keeps people employed ...

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Dear colleagues

I would like to know how many organisations doing just the same thing, a
creating list - database of living organisms.

Why we are not able to coordinate money and do just one project properly,
including checking for errors,

One organisation can create list of names, second can add the pictures and
another create list of  bibliography (as Biodiversity heritage Library



Tree of Life

Atlas of Living Australia 

GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information facility)






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