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Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
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I wondered why Rod Page didn't list CoL as a name source in his post yesterday, so I did a quick check of CoL coverage of a small group of species names. No one on this list will be surprised that I picked Australian millipedes for the test.

I used CoL's 2013 Annual Checklist, and looked up the 170 new species published during the period 2000-2010 inclusive - no new combinations, just new species. I stopped at 2010 in hopes that CoL coverage would at least reach that date. In fact, it has 2 of the 9 names from 2011.

CoL is missing 58 of the 170 species. I can't see a pattern in these missing names with regard to year published, author or journal.

I didn't do a thorough search for the 58 in ION, but all the ones I looked for were there. Being based on CoL, EOL also lacks the 58 MIA (Missing In Aggregation). 

[EOL also preserves CoL's mistakes, so that (just an example) you can find a species page for Gigantowales chisholmi Verhoeff, 1937, and another for the misspelled Gigantowales cisholmi Verhoeff, 1937. ION only lists the correct spelling.]
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