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Hi Bob,

I didn't use Catalogue of Life because the BioNames is primarily about the link between a name and its publication. In an ideal world we should be able to see the original publication (and any subsequent revision) of a taxon name. This relationship strikes me as a basic part of the biodiversity infrastructure.

The bibliographic data in CoL is a mixture of good, poor, and horribly mangled. I chose ION as the source because it is fairly comprehensive (not complete, but a good place to start). Your experience suggests it does pretty well for millipedes. Browsing BioNames indicates that there are more references lurking in BHL and elsewhere that could be added. If you send me your list I could target those species as well.



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On 2 Jun 2013, at 08:14, Bob Mesibov <mesibov at southcom.com.au> wrote:

> I wondered why Rod Page didn't list CoL as a name source in his post yesterday, so I did a quick check of CoL coverage of a small group of species names. No one on this list will be surprised that I picked Australian millipedes for the test.
> I used CoL's 2013 Annual Checklist, and looked up the 170 new species published during the period 2000-2010 inclusive - no new combinations, just new species. I stopped at 2010 in hopes that CoL coverage would at least reach that date. In fact, it has 2 of the 9 names from 2011.
> CoL is missing 58 of the 170 species. I can't see a pattern in these missing names with regard to year published, author or journal.
> I didn't do a thorough search for the 58 in ION, but all the ones I looked for were there. Being based on CoL, EOL also lacks the 58 MIA (Missing In Aggregation). 
> [EOL also preserves CoL's mistakes, so that (just an example) you can find a species page for Gigantowales chisholmi Verhoeff, 1937, and another for the misspelled Gigantowales cisholmi Verhoeff, 1937. ION only lists the correct spelling.]
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