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>Glad you like it, fun is the most important part of this (I'm being serious)<
It would seem then, that EoL uses its funding to make sure people like Rod get enough fun in their lives ... and if they get anything of any actual use out of it, then wot a bonus!

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Hi Geoff,

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On 2 Jun 2013, at 01:01, "Geoff Read" <gread at actrix.gen.nz> wrote:

> Hi Rod,
> Well done!  My initial reaction is that for me it's going to give me quick
> serendipitous discoveries (I was offered a paper on Micronereis that I'd
> never checked out), and lots of leads that I can choose or not to follow.

That's one of the reasons I built this, to help find stuff. There's a whole bunch of papers yet to be added (e.g., ICZN bulletins, complete journal runs from BioStor) that should make it even easier for find useful stuff.

> Some things noticed.
> The interface is very minimalist! Shouldn't you acknowledge and provide
> links to the data suppliers on the home page?

I like clean and simple, but yes it needs a credits page. I'll put one up shortly.

> Where 'source' is given as just the logo of GBIF and NCBI shouldn't there
> be the actual link underneath?

I wouldn't put it there, but I'll add one.

> Dealing with homonyms.  I tried 'Nereis' and BioNames gave me five. But
> the literature listed as bibliography was the same 41 in each.  The
> Heliconiid Nereis had no relevant refs.

The bibliography search result is based on matching the string, it isn't "taxonomically aware" in the sense of knowing which taxon the name applies to. I have some ideas about how to tackle this, but nothing implemented yet.

> Accidental references. This paper on Gophers turns up in the initial 152
> articles offered on Nereis. The connection is because the end of the
> previous paper in the pdf mentions Nereis.
> http://bionames.org/references/2e30b9c73cc529d9b5e1079565daf484

Yep, using BHL scans means this can happen. I might look at weighting search term by where it occurs in the document, for example.

> Abbreviated titles on the search page. About 25 characters of the title
> are displayed. Which isn't enough. Would be good to see the full title by
> hovering over it, rather than opening another page.

Good idea, I'll look at doing this

> But hours of fun awaits. Thanks for doing this.

Glad you like it, fun is the most important part of this (I'm being serious)

If you have any other thoughts let me know. There's a feedback widget on the side of every page. If you add ideas there I can keep track of them, and you can bug me if they aren't done.



> Geoff
> On Sat, June 1, 2013 8:30 pm, Roderic Page wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I've released "BioNames", a database of animal (and other ICZN) names
>> linked, wherever possible, to either a digital identifier for the
>> publication that described it, or (even better) the full text (from
>> BioStor and other digital archives). I've wrapped this an interface built
>> with Ryan Schrenk (whose elegant work was funded by EOL). BioNames
>> combines data from ION, BHL, CrossRef, Mendeley, GBIF, NCBI, EOL (yes, a
>> veritable acronym soup) to make something I hope people find useful.
>> The web site is here: http://bionames.org/

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