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Tony.Rees at csiro.au Tony.Rees at csiro.au
Mon Jun 3 15:45:51 CDT 2013

OK... so returning to the "Cepa" thread as identified by Chris Thompson ...

Looking at http://bionames.org/search/Cepa, the problem arises on account of Cepa being a genus-level homonym (twice in both animals and plants), which can be discovered via various sources as previously noted, however this is not reflected in the GBIF backbone taxonomy (http://ecat-dev.gbif.org/search?q=Cepa&rkey=1) to which Rod has pinned a lot of his classification information. So some questions might arise as follows:

- why does the GBIF taxonomy mangle this group of names (what is specific to this case)
- is this likely to be a rare or common event (is it a more general class of error)
- what could assist GBIF to (a) detect this and equivalent problems, and (b) fix them
- what could assist Rod or other external user of GBIF data to do the same (i.e. warning signs)
- does BioNames choose wisely in using the GBIF taxonomy, bearing in mind the latter's disclaimers i.e.:

"Nub Disclaimer: The GBIF Backbone Taxonomy (Nub) is an automatically synthesised management classification with limited manual curating. Information presented here does not represent a consistent taxon but may conflict with other nub "usages" in many cases to a trained taxonomists eye. The information presented on this page was aggregated from the data found in the sources below."

I do have some thoughts about these but no more time just now (shades of Fermat's last theorem) however if others would like to chip in, please do.

Regards - Tony

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>  Stephen  --
> Cepa Humphries 1797 is a nomen nudum -- according to Sherborn -- who
> DOES list it in his Index Animalium (damn, he was good ... ). Its being
> an unavailable name is probably why it is not in Neave or WorMS ....
> -Neal
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