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Last year, I offered reprints of Ed Terrell, and there are still some left. If anyone wants any of the reprints listed below, please send me your surface mail address, and I will send them to you free of charge.

Dr. Edward E. Terrell died 1 August 2011. He received his Ph.D. degree in 1952 from the University of Wisconsin. In 1952-1953, he had a Muelhaupt Postdoctoral Fellowship in Botany, Ohio State University. From 1954 to 1960, he taught first at Pembroke State College, North Carolina and then Guilford College, Greensboro, North Carolina. In 1960 he started as a plant taxonomist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Beltsville, Maryland, and retired from there in 1985.

In graduate school his research was on the North American genera Houstonia, Hedyotis, and Oldenlandia (Rubiaceae). At the ARS, he was the botanical nomenclaturalist for the agency and worked on grass taxonomy. After his retirement, he returned to working full-time on the systematics of North American Houstonia, Hedyotis, and Oldenlandia.

I am assisting Ed's son, Jonathan Terrell, in arranging Ed's botanical materials. He left reprints of many of his publications. Below is a list of Ed's reprints that are available. If you want any of these reprints, please send me a list of the ones that you want and your full mailing address, and I will send them to you free of charge.

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Terrell, E.E. Vascular flora of Clinton County, Ohio. Ohio J. Sci. 55: 215 -240. 1955. 6 copies

Terrell, E.E. Striga asiatica and Chrysoma pauciflosculosa in the Carolinas. Rhodora 60: 289 -291. 1958. 19 copies

Terrell, E.E. A revision of the Houstonia purpurea group (Rubiaceae). Rhodora 61: 157 -180; 188 -207. 1959. 12 copies

Lewis, W.H. and E.E.Terrell. Chromosomal races in eastern North American.species of Hedyotis (Houstonia). Rhodora 64: 313 -323. 1962. 7 copies

Terrell, E.E. Symbols and terms for morphological intergradation and hybridization. Taxon 12: 105 -108. 1963. 11 copies

Terrell, E.E. Natural hybrids of Sphenopholis obtusata X Trisetum pensylvanicum (Gramineae). Amer. J. Bot. 50: 638. 1963. (abstract). 1 copy

Terrell, E.E. Meadow fescue: Festuca elatior L. or F. pratensis Hudson? Brittonia 19: 129 -132. 1967. 10 copies

Terrell, E.E. Notes on Festuca arundinacea and F. pratensis in the United States. Rhodora 70: 564 -568. 1968. 9 copies

Murphy, H.C., K. Sadanaga, F.J. Zillinsky, E.E. Terrell, and R.T. Smith. Avena magna, an important new tetraploid species of oats. Science 159: 103 -104. 1968. 13 copies

Terrell, E.E. A taxonomic revision of the genus Lolium. U.S.D.A. Tech. Bull. 1392. 65 pp. 1968. 21 copies

Terrell, E.E. Biometric and taxonomic uses of cellulose acetate plastic. Rhodora 70: 552 -558. 1968. 4 copies

Terrell, E.E. Notes on Festuca arundinacea and F. pratensis in the United States. Rhodora 70: 564 -568. 1968. 9 copies

Terrell, E.E. Check list of scientific names of introduced agricultural grasses. I. Tribe Triticeae (Hordeae). U.S.D.A. ARS 34 -116. 16 pp. 1970. 1 copy

Terrell, E.E. Spring flora of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal area, Washington, D.C. to Seneca, Maryland. Castanea 35: 1 -26. 1970. 43 copies

Terrell, E.E. Survey of occurrences of liquid or soft endosperm in grass genera. Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 98: 264 -268. 1971. 10 copies

Terrell, E.E. and H.F.Winters. Changes in scientific names for certain crop plants. HortScience 9: 324 -325. 1974. 11 copies

Terrell, E.E. and H. Robinson. Luziolinae, a new subtribe of oryzoid grasses. Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 101: 235 -245. 1974. 24 copies

Terrell, E.E. The correct names for pearl millet and yellow foxtail. Taxon 25: 297-304. 1976. 1 copy

Terrell, E.E. The name for the tomato. Taxon 26: 129 -131. 1977. 12 copies

Terrell, E.E., W.H.P. Emery, and H. Beaty. Observations on Zizania texana (Texas wildrice), an endangered species. Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 105: 50 -57. 1978. 7 copies

Terrell, E.E. Taxonomic notes on Houstonia purpurea var. montana (Rubiaceae). Castanea 43: 25 -29. 1978. 13 copies

Terrell, E.E. New species and combinations in Houstonia (Rubiaceae). Brittonia 31: 164 -169. 1979. 19 copies

Terrell, E.E. and W.P. Wergin. Scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive x-ray analysis of leaf epidermis in Zizania (Gramineae). Scanning Electron Microscopy /1979/III: 81 -88. 1979. 10 copies

Terrell, E.E. Two new species and a new combination in Houstonia (Rubiaceae) from Mexico. Brittonia 32: 490 -494. 1980. 25 copies

Terrell, E.E. and L.R. Batra. Zizania latifolia and Ustilago esculenta, a grass-fungus association. Econ. Bot. 36: 274 -285. 1982. 6 copies

Terrell, E.E., C.R. Broome, and J.L. Reveal. Proposal to conserve the name of the tomato as Lycopersicon esculentum Miller and reject the combination Lycopersicon lycopersicum (L.) Karsten (Solanaceae). Taxon 32: 310 -314. 1983. 11 copies

Terrell. E.E. and S.W.T. Batra. Insects collect pollen of eastern wildrice, Zizania aquatica (Poaceae). Castanea 49: 31 -34.1984. 25 copies

Fosberg, F.R. and E.E. Terrell. A recently established exotic in west Florida and Alabama (Hedvotis salzmannii or Oldenlandia salzmannii Rubiaceae). Castanea 50: 49 -51. 1985. 24 copies

Terrell, E.E., W.H. Lewis, H. Robinson, and J.W. Nowicke. Phylogenetic implications of diverse seed types, chromosome numbers, and pollen morphology in Houstonia (Rubiaceae). Amer. J. Bot. 73: 103 -115. 1986. 8 copies
Terrell, E. E. Nomenclatural notes on Hedyotis rosea Rafinesque and a new combination in Houstonia. Rhodora 88: 389-397. 1986. 11 copies

Terrell, E. E. Updating scientific names for introduced germplasm of economically important plants. Acta Horticulturae 182: 293-300. 1986. 5 copies
Terrell, E. E. Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on Houstonia nigricans (Rubiaceae). Sida 11: 471-481. 1986. 8 copies
Terrell, E. E. Carterella (Rubiaceae), new genus from Baja California, Mexico. Brittonia 39: 248-252. 1987. 10 copies
Reveal, J. L., C. E. Jarvis, and E. E. Terrell. Typification of sugarcane, Saccharum officinarum L. Taxon 38: 95-97. 1989. 16 copies
Terrell, E. E. and D. H. Lorence. Hedyotis galeottii (Rubiaceae), new combination for a Mexican species. Phytologia 66: 1-4. 1989. 19 copies
Terrell, E. E. Synopsis of Oldenlandia (Rubiaceae) in the United States. Phytologia 125-133. 1990. 6 copies
Terrell, E. E. and W. H. Lewis. Oldenlandiopsis (Rubiaceae), a new genus from the Caribbean Basin, based on Oldenlandia callitrichoides Grisebach. Brittonia 42: 185-190. 1990. 12 copies
Terrell, E. E. Overview and annotated list of North American species of Hedyotis, Houstonia, Oldenlandia (Rubiaceae) and related genera. Phytologia 71: 212-243. 1991. 9 copies
Terrell, E. E. and S. D. Koch. A new species of Bouvardia (Rubiaceae) from Mexico, and transfer of Hedyotis xestosperma to Bouvardia. Novon 4: 179-182. 1994. 7 copies
Terrell, E. E. A new species of Hedyotis (Rubiaceae) from Jalisco, Mexico. Novon 6: 128-130. 1996.  12 copies
Terrell, E. E., P.M.Peterson, J.L.Reveal, and M.R.Duvall. Taxonomy of North American species of Zizania (Poaceae). Sida 17: 533-549. 1997. 24 copies
Terrell, E. E., P. M. Peterson, and W. P. Wergin. Epidermal features and spikelet micromorphology in Oryza and related genera (Poaceae: Oryzeae). Smithsonian Contributions to Botany 91. 50 pp. 2001. [publ. Feb.] 3 copies
Terrell, E. E. Taxonomy of Stenaria (Rubiaceae: Hedyotideae), a new genus ncluding Hedyotis nigricans. Sida 19: 591-614. 2001. 10 copies
Terrell, E. E. Stenotis (Rubiaceae), a new segregate genus from  Baja California, Mexico. Sida 19: 899-911. 2001. 18 copies
Terrell, E. E. Taxonomic review of Houstonia acerosa and H. palmeri, with notes on Hedyotis and Oldenlandia (Rubiaceae). Sida 19: 913-922. 2001. 16 copies
Terrell, E. E. and R. P. Wunderlin. Seed and fruit characters in selected Spermacoceae and comparison with Hedyotideae (Rubiaceae). Sida 20: 549-557. 2002. 37 copies
Terrell, E. E. and H. Robinson. Seed and capsule characters in Arcytophyllum, Bouvardia, and Manettia (Rubiaceae), with notes on A. serpyllaceum. Sida 21: 911-927. 2004. 2 copies
Terrell, E. E., H. Robinson, W. L. Wagner, and D. H. Lorence. Resurrection of genus Kadua for Hawaiian Hedyotideae (Rubiaceae), with emphasis on seed and fruit characters and notes on the South Pacific species. Systematic Botany 30: 818-833. 2005. 8 copies
Terrell, E. E. and H. Robinson. Taxonomy of North American species of Oldenlandia (Rubiaceae). Sida 22: 305-329. 2006. 3 copies
Terrell, E. E. Relationships of Houstonia prostrata (Rubiaceae) of Mexico and Arizona and a review of Houstonia subgenera and sections. J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 1: 109-119. 2007. 12 copies
Terrell, E. E. and H. Robinson. Seed and capsule morphology in six genera of Hedyotideae (Rubiaceae): Thecagonium, Neanotis, Dentella, Kohautia, Pentodon, and Oldenlandiopsis. J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 1: 373-384. 2007. 1 copy
Terrell, E. E. and H. Robinson. A new genus, Mexotis, for five Mexican species of Hedyotideae (Rubiaceae). J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 3: 59-70. 2010. 27 copies
Terrell, E. E. and P. M. Peterson. Annotated list of Maryland grasses (Poaceae). J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 3: 905-919. 2010. 13 copies
Terrell, E. E.  and H. Robinson. Taxonomic notes on the genera Stenotis and Carterella (Rubiaceae) and transfer of Hedyotis greenei to Stenotis. J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 4: 619-623. 2010. 30 copies
Terrell, E. E. and H. Robinson. Transfer of Hedyotis intricata to Arcytophyllum (Rubiaceae). J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 4: 625-626. 2010. 28 copies
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