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Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
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Hi Marla,

Gary and Doug have already answered.  My only comment would be, instead of
just passively failing to meet the requirements of the Code through
non-compliance (as Gary said, the thesis may be printed on durable media,
and it's possible that more than one copy will become simultaneously
obtainable, thereby making it and the names within potentially available), I
would (again, as Gary suggested), be proactive and include a statement in
conformance with Art. 8.2 for the work as a whole, and Art. 8.3 for the new

8.2. Publication may be disclaimed. A work that contains a statement to the
effect that it is not issued for public and permanent scientific record, or
for purposes of zoological nomenclature, is not published within the meaning
of the Code.

8.3. Names and acts may be disclaimed. If a work contains a statement to the
effect that all or any of the names or nomenclatural acts in it are
disclaimed for nomenclatural purposes, the disclaimed names or acts are not
available. Such a work may be a published work (i.e. taxonomic information
in it may have the same nomenclatural status as the taxonomic information in
a published but suppressed work: see Article 8.7.1).

On Art. 8.2, I suspect you do want most of the research within your thesis
to be issued for public and permanent scientific record; so you should
probably craft the statement for Art. 8.2 to specifically refer to the work
not being issued for the purposes of zoological nomenclature. And, of
course, to be doubly safe, you should include a statement along the lines of
that indicated by Art. 8.3.

Even though you technically don't need to do this (simply failing to comply
is sufficient), I think it's better to be explicit about it -- both in terms
of good scientific practice, and to avoid a raging debate ten of fifteen
years from now on Taxacom, when someone attempts to identify some obscure
reason why your thesis conforms to the Code and did so prior to the
separately-published works that you plan to have published after your thesis
is submitted.


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> Dear Taxacomers,
> I am describing a number of new species in my Ph.D. thesis, ahead of the
> peer-reviewed journal publication of the descriptions. However I would
> the published paper to be the official description. Since my thesis will
> online, and thus technically fulfill the requirements of the Code, I would
> to include a statement that the descriptions therein are not the "real"
> species descriptions.  I feel I've seen similar statements, but can't find
> examples now that I'm looking for one. Does anyone have a suggestion for a
> standard statement that should be included?
> Thanks in advance!
> Marla
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