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This, by itself, doesn't change much. Metrics will still be used (citations of individual publications, altmetrics such as references in blog posts and tweets, bookmarking, data reuse, etc.). The trick will be seeing what measures fall out as being seen as the "best" or most "relevant" when evaluating the value of a researcher's work, then seeing how well taxonomic work will perform against those metrics.



On 12 Jun 2013, at 10:31, Raab-Straube von , Eckhard wrote:

> Dear Taxacomers,
> the American Society for Cell Biology has initiated a declaration on research assessment (DORA), which opposes the use of the Journal Impact Factor as a measure for research quality of individuals and institutions. This message seems not to be very widespread among taxonomists so far, so I think it is worth reading the declaration at  http://am.ascb.org/dora/. Interestingly, the present Editor-in-Chief of Science, Bruce Alberts, is among the first signees of that declaration.
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