[Taxacom] Declaration on Research Assessment

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Wed Jun 12 17:07:14 CDT 2013

On 6/12/13 2:50 PM, Neal Evenhuis wrote:
> That said, there have been ideas floated (I'm not sure if any actually do this) to have journals require every name cited in a paper to be put into the references. That will bump up the citations a bit, but for those ecologists who do, say, pollination visitor lists or other "lists", those long lists of names will result in very long and unwieldy literature cited sections -- and, to save space and money, journals will inevitably then welch on their "requirement" and ask the author to stop that silly behavior.
Actually, if one publishes digitally using hyperlinks, then an actual 
citation is no longer necessary for *anything* in a paper, let alone for 
scientific names. If you see the name "Bombylius major L." in a 
publication, that name could be hyperlinked directly to an image of the 
relevant text from Linnaeus, and to ZooBank, and the existence of that 
link could be fed into a metric-compiling routine somewhere. It won't 
work for paper publications, but we already have established that there 
are plenty of benefits to digitial publishing, and this feature could be 
another one favoring things in that direction.


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