[Taxacom] Botanical Networks

Quentin Groom quentin.groom at br.fgov.be
Mon Jun 17 03:17:23 CDT 2013

I've been experimenting with digitised herbarium specimen data to 
visualize the interactions between botanists in the late 19th century 
and early 20th century (http://www.botanicalkeys.co.uk/network/).
I thought you might be interested in this use of specimen data to reveal 
the networks of scientists, which are usually only revealed through 
co-authorship and correspondence.
I'm not exactly sure what use could be made of these networks. I'm 
personally interested in them from the historical and social 
perspective, but they may also be useful for the validation of data.

These visualization were created from Gephi with a plugin from the 
Oxford Internet Institute (http://blogs.oii.ox.ac.uk/vis/?p=191).

This tool might also be useful to create online visualization of the 
links between species, such as food webs.


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