[Taxacom] Visual and translatable key in HTML5 to a small group of grasses

Timothy Jones tjone54 at tigers.lsu.edu
Fri Jun 21 14:53:51 CDT 2013

Howdy All,

A visual and translatable key that should work on all devices without a
required run-time.       http://www.herbarium2.lsu.edu/grass2/

Hello hornets nest?

Malus domesticus phones are a bit small but seem to work.  All tablets
shine here.   Please do not use Mozilla based browsers for the translate
function, it only works on IE, Safari, and Chrome. Mozilla will handle the
image tiles,  just not the translate API.


Timothy M. Jones
Life Science Annex Building, Room A257
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Website - http://www.herbarium.lsu.edu/keys/

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