[Taxacom] A new way to view taxonomic publications

Neal Evenhuis neale at bishopmuseum.org
Sat Jun 22 14:31:11 CDT 2013

Quite possibly that result is because a number of pages of that journal (including p. 87) were scanned upside down in the link you provided....

Just a thought.

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On 22 Jun 2013, at 09:46, Dr Brian Taylor wrote:
> Rod, Donat et al,
> However good OCR and scanning get there will still be problems
> with old literature.  For example, archaic German - see
> http://hol.osu.edu/literature-viewer.html?id=4833&page=15
> On of my human helpers struggled to read it  let alone make a
> translation into Emglish.
> Asian scripts ??

Even English in perfectly clear type can be catastrophically wrong
when the background color is yellow, as it often is for older
journals on acid-bleached paper.  For example, in Blackburn 1881
(http://archive.org/details/entomologistsmon1718188082oxfo p. 87),
the notes on one species say:

17. Odynerus congruus, Smith.
(Nos. 13 & 14).—Found in company with Prosopis Blackburni. The wings
exhibit a brilliant violet iridescence in certain lights, not noted
in the description (T. B.).

And the OCR read of that is:

'('3 'X) nopdijosap aq; ni pauopnara
^ou 's^qSq nre^jaa ni aonaosapi.ii ^apiA qmqjjijq v, ^iqiqxa s§uia\
'tujnqyovig stdosojrf q^iM. jfrredraoo ni pnno^j
•($[ iy gj 'so^[)
•q^img lsniu6uoo STU9u/ipQ 'H


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