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Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Sun Jun 23 20:58:18 CDT 2013

My apologies if ALA now uses CassandraDB exclusively. All the early publicity featured MongoDB, and the BioCache overview still includes it:


"That's the incremental part!  People are always in such a rush to get to Nirvana."
Not me. No interest in Nirvana, and no faith that mega data projects would get me there if I had the interest.


"> The many software tools Ken mentions for analysing biodiversity data are probably less important in 2013 (being easily replaced by client-side programs)
But in ALA, they are all in one place."

You see that as an advantage? Maybe you should consider wiping all the programs on your machine and just using Google Docs? Why have your preferred, specialised applications when you can find almost-as-good-ones in one place online?


"> I recently pointed ALA staff to occurrence records for Onychophora way out in the Southern Ocean.
You would have been better to advice the data owners of this mistake which would then have been corrected with the next ALA upload from that institution."

But, Ken, ALA say they *want* 'the crowd' and 'the biodiversity community' to tell them when they've stuffed up.
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