[Taxacom] Apteropanorpa

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Mon Jun 24 04:49:26 CDT 2013

> I'm sure Rich Pyle has said as much recently either on
> this forum or somewhere close. I will leave it to Rich et al. to elaborate
> they might see fit...

Well.... this just about covers it:

> What we really need to aspire to is a network of linked systems whereby
> changes and new content entered once can propagate automatically
> elsewhere as needed rather than requiring manual input as per (for
> example) the wikispecies model; also the contributors best
> to locate and enter new content have an incentive to do so (so that you
and I
> do not have to do it!). 

This captures it far better than I ever have!  So.... I say, "what Tony


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