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Hi Tony,
With repect, the problem is more complex still! Existing resources like Wikispecies have much of what is needed, but not "every bell and whistle". Therefore, it makes sense to utilise what they have got, instead of ignoring them and rebuilding from scratch. For a start, the rebuilding from scratch tends not to be done just once, but many times, by different funded projects, leading to much wasteful wheel reinvention. So, I agree that we should not have to [quote]re-do everything[unquote], but that is my point!

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Hi Stephen,
With respect, the problem is more complex than that. For a start, there are many places where a lot of the required information has already been assembled, so that already considerable effort should be leveraged, preferably with as little need for human re-keying as possible. Also, most informatics persons (biological data specialists) would probably contend that there are more appropriate data structures than wikispecies for bulk importing, internal data management and review, bulk queries (including machine-machine as well as human), and bulk export of relevant content (which is why the bulk of present taxonomic information resides in databases, with web pages as by-products, rather than in web pages as their native format). Then there is the matter of maintenance i.e. tracking new names / taxa / treatments as they appear in the primary literature – again if someone is already doing this, it makes sense to leverage their activities rather than re-do
What we really need to aspire to is a network of linked systems whereby changes and new content entered once can propagate automatically elsewhere as needed rather than requiring manual input as per (for example) the wikispecies model; also the contributors best placed/resourced to locate and enter new content have an incentive to do so (so that you and I do not have to do it!). I’m sure Rich Pyle has said as much recently either on this forum or somewhere close. I will leave it to Rich et al. to elaborate if/as they might see fit…
Regards - Tony
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You mean until we have one place where anyone can "just do it" and add missing data at their leisure with minimum fuss, to help build a comprehensive catalogue of world biota ... oh, wait! We do have such a place ... Wikispecies!

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They are also in Global Names Index, see


GNI is fortunate in having a recent (2009?) dump from ION although I believe more recent names are missing. GNI does not, however, have the higher taxonomic information that ION does. On the other hand the ION database is notionally proprietory to Thomson Reuters (although that does not seem to have been a consideration for the construction of BioNames...)

Basically until we have one curated, openly available source for all this stuff then gaps such as those identified will continue. Extant land plants are somewhat better served by "the Plant List" although this has not been updated since 2010 and is again not really open for re-use... (welcome to the wonderful world of biodiversity informatics).

Regards - Tony

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> ...and all 4 are in ION and BioNames...
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