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Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Mon Jun 24 20:54:20 CDT 2013

Ken Walker wrote:

"> From the point of view of the Web user looking at the information, there's no in-principle difference.
My daughter is in Year 9 at school and her school has an explicitly stated rule for all students that anyone who uses Wikipedia as a reference source for any of their assignments will lose marks.
Some see that there is a difference."

Off on a tangent again, but if the issue here is data quality then it's worth pointing out that Wikispecies, like Wikipedia, explicitly cites publications as sources, while the most widely used taxon databases don't. See recent posts re GBIF's classification by Rod Page on iPhylo, my own and others here on CoL, etc etc.

I think you might also be misinterpreting your daughter's school rules. Surely that should be 'who cites Wikipedia', not 'who uses Wikipedia'? 
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