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Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Tue Jun 25 03:04:29 CDT 2013

No, you missed the point of my diatribe:  What you see on the ZooBank web
page is calling a general service for external identifiers.  Because it's
being called from ZooBank, it returns the links from ZooBank. But we're
building that service such that *anyone* can pass *any* of their own
identifiers at the service, and get the exact same list pivoted around their
own identifier.


In other words, the architecture is such that it doesn't matter where you
start with an identifier, you get all the cross-links back.


By the way, another new(ish) feature on ZooBank is the link to GNI services.
If you click on the link for "18 Related Names", you'll see even more links
from GNI.  I went ahead and did that, which led me to four more cross-links
(CoL, BioLib, Aquatab and ION).  In less than a minute, I had all four
linked (which means all four are now cross-linked to all other identifiers
-- and all other identifiers are, likewise, now linked back to these four).


Oh, and another thing.  I know that WikiSpecies is different from Wikipedia
- but let me tell you an example of a "lose-lose" involving Wikipedia.


Rob Whitton registered the species Lauriea siagiani Baba, 1994 on ZooBank:



As he was Googling around for that species, he discovered there was no page
for it on Wikipedia, so he created one.  He diligently added a link back to
ZooBank, as any reasonable person would do.  Within 24 hours, someone else
had edited the Wikipedia page, added a link to WoRMS and - for reasons that
are utterly inexplicable to me - REMOVED the link to ZooBank.  WTF?!?!


Rob shrugged it off with a laugh; but it kind of pissed me off a bit.  Here
someone had taken the time to create a cross-link, and then someone else put
in MORE time to DELETE that cross-link!  That just doesn't make any sense at
all to me.  Who gains from that? Am I to conclude that editors of Wikipedia
pages are less than honorable?  I think it's great that the WoRMS link was
added - but why on EARTH remove the ZooBank link?


Anyway, just to demonstrate that I'm not the sort who holds grudges, I just
now added the link to Wikipedia from ZooBank.  And just for fun I checked
the GNI feature, and within about a minute or so I added additional inks to
EoL, ION, IRMNG, WikiSpecies, and WoRMS.






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Thanks Rich, I have just now put a link back from the Wikispecies page to
ZooBank, see: 


There are just a couple of things: (1) it should be possible to create these
links automatically from ZooBank to Wikispecies (though more difficult in
the other direction because of ZooBank's arbirary LSIDs). Pensoft do this in
their taxon profiles, and they can somehow test if a WS page exists, and
only display the link if it does. (2) I'm not sure I entirely agree that
what you have done links all the projects to each other ... no, it links
ZooBank to all of them, but that is a slight but important difference ...




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