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Nico Franz nico.franz at asu.edu
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Dear Taxacom list members:

   I'd like to draw your attention to an "early view" paper that is perhaps
relevant to some older and more recent Taxacom discussions.


   Note that this is an "on paper" solution proposal, no more than a step
towards the greater challenge of building an actual content management
infrastructure that would have identifiers for names, concepts, allow
mappings, etc. The core proposal can perhaps be summarized as follows.

1. It is important, both for human and machine processing, to "take a
stand" on the context in which taxonomic names are uttered.

2. Three options to take a stand are offered:
    Option 1: use the name in a traditional sense (Perelleschus Wibmer &
O'Brien) -- meaning (strictly): any concept associated with that name from
its origin to the present (and often the latter is emphasized, but of
course "the present" changes).
    Option 2: use the name according to author convention (Perelleschus
Wibmer & O'Brien sec. Franz & Cardona-Duque, 2013) to specify a particular
concept, frozen in space in time so to speak.
    Option 3: use the name [non-focal] "convention" (Acalyptini
[non-focal]) to "punt" on context; i.e to say "not my focus, not my task
here to specify the context." This helps counter concept inflation or other
undesired effects and deeper linguistic commitments.

3. Maximize uses of Option 2. That one is most precise and amenable to
mapping and reasoning of meanings; it is also the one most suited to handle

   There are some recommendations at the end of the paper.



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