[Taxacom] Help with papers

Juan Francisco Araya jfaraya at u.uchile.cl
Tue Jun 25 18:57:45 CDT 2013

Dear all:

 Hi, I wonder if anybody can help me with some articles. I have been
looking for them since a long time but could not obtain any of them. I do
not have access to the journals in the local universities. The papers are
the next:

*PARIN, N. V., MIRONOV, A. N. & NESIS, K. N. 1997. The Nazca and Sala y
Gomez Submarine Ridges: An Outpost of the Indo–West Pacific Fauna in the
Eastern Pacific. In; Gebruk, A. V., Southward, E. C. and Tyler, P. A.
(eds). Biogeography of the Oceans. Advances in Marine Biology 32: 145–242. *
*WILSON, R. R. & KAUFMANN, R. S. 1987. Seamount biota and biogeography. In:
Keating, B. H., Fryer, P., Batiza, R. and Boehlert, G. W. (eds). Seamounts,
Islands, and Atolls. Geophysical Monographs 43: **355–377 ** *(

*KAUFMANN, R. S. & WILSON, R. R. 1991. A summary and bibliography of
seamount biota. La Jolla, Scripps Institution of Oceanography. 79 pp.*
 Any help with copies of them (PDF, Scan, photos or photocopies) will be
very appreciated.*


Juan Francisco.

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