[Taxacom] "nude" Coccinellid genera?

CSTURMJR at pitt.edu CSTURMJR at pitt.edu
Sat Mar 2 22:31:49 CST 2013

The following was suggested...

> There might be a way for a museum to flag names like this before they get
> scooped up by aggregators, or even better, to avoid having them scooped
> up, but in this case the name sailed through, and GBIF and ALA can show
> you a map where the holotype male was collected, and another where the
> paratype male and female were picked up.

Is there a way to publish "label names" to make folks  aware of them and
not make them nomina nuda by publishing them.

As an example, I am currently searching through the collection of Victor
Sterki, a malacologist who died in 1933. At the time of his death, he was
working on a revision of the North American Sphaeriidae. He named some
155-160 taxa in this family and in addition there are at least 15 names
that I have found in his collection that have not been published. I know
for a fact that at least one museum in Europe has specimens with some of
these "label names". Can I publish a list of label names, with a caveat
that they are not being published for taxonomic purposes, but just to make
others aware that they may have these taxa in their collections but that
they were never validly described or published?

Charlie Sturm

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