[Taxacom] Your input, please, on attribution, rights and licensing of names and compilations of names

David Patterson dpatterson at mbl.edu
Tue Mar 5 16:07:41 CST 2013

The Global Names project will host a workshop to explore options and to
make recommendations as to  issues that relate to Attribution, Rights and
Licensing of names and compilations of names.  The aim of the workshop is a
report that clarifies if and how we share names.

We seek submissions from all interested parties - nomenclaturalists,
taxonomists, aggregators, and users of names. Let us know what (you think)
 intellectual property rights apply or what rights should be associated
with names and compilations of names.  How can those who compile names get
useful attribution for names, and what responsibilities do they have to
ensure that information is authoritative.  If there are rights, what kind
of licensing is appropriate.

The submissions will be considered by those attending the workshop.

Contributions can be submitted
where you will find more information about this event.


David Patterson

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