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Robert Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
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Tony, I don't see the point that Stephen is supposed to be missing.

Look at CoL's copyright page, and you can see that it 'requires' 3-level attribution. Now go to Encyclopedia of Life - any species page based on CoL. Where's the 3-level attribution? Maybe EoL is in a special relationship with CoL, and doesn't need the attribution that ordinary humans are supposed to use. What should a re-user of EoL data do?

What about your own WoRMS? You contribute to/assist/backend top-down aggregators. How many of them reproduce this:

'Terms of Use and Citation

Unless otherwise stated, these web pages and associated information are free to use on condition that they are cited (CC-BY). A recommended citation style is provided on each page. We do not permit the re-distribution of the entire database unless by prior written agreement. Copies of the database may be requested using this form.

You can also cite the individual global or regional species lists as appropriate. Their citations are shown on their web pages.

The database as a whole is to be cited as follows:

Appeltans W, Bouchet P, Boxshall GA, De Broyer C, de Voogd NJ, Gordon DP, Hoeksema BW, Horton T, Kennedy M, Mees J, Poore GCB, Read G, Stöhr S, Walter TC, Costello MJ. (eds) (2012). World Register of Marine Species. Accessed at http://www.marinespecies.org on 2013-03-06.'
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