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Robert Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Tue Mar 5 18:49:56 CST 2013

Tony Rees wrote:

'Second, commercial re-use is specifically excluded except with a written agreement from Species 2000 and ITIS.
Third, re-use on a public portal or webpage also requires written permission.'

So EoL has such a written agreement? I see nothing on EoL pages to say that the CoL compilation they use is copyright. The names are simply attrubted to source.

I'm really struggling to understand what the upcoming workshop and this discussion is about. Are you trying to push CoL towards CC 0? Daphne Fautin, too? Me from CC BY-NC to CC 0?

Who profits from this besides IP lawyers? Do you expect ever to see a court case like the Samsung/Apple one, where CoL takes WoRMS to court and says WoRMS is a rip-off of CoL?
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