[Taxacom] Your input, please, on attribution, rights and licensing of names and compilations of names

Hong cui hong1.cui at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 18:50:36 CST 2013

School of Information Resources and Library Science of University of
Arizona is seeking a full-time Software Engineer to work on an NSF funded
project led by Dr. Hong Cui. The successful candidate will work full time
to develop Web and Java applications to support biodiversity and other
biology research. Cost of relocation from another state to Tucson AZ will
be reimbursed under certain conditions.

Interested applicants should find the official job posting at
http://www.uacareertrack.com/ (search for job number: 52013.)

Thanks for your attention.

Hong Cui, Ph.D <http://sirls.arizona.edu/hongcui>
Assistant Professor, Information Technology
School of Information Resource and Library Science<http://sirls.arizona.edu>
University of Arizona

Member of Plazi.org
PI: Fine-Grained Semantic Markup of Descriptive Data for Knowledge
Applications in Biodiversity
Co-PI:Collaborative Research: Next Generation Phenomics for the Tree
of Life<http://avatol.org/ngp/>
PI:BCSP: Collaborative Research: ABI Development: Exploring Taxon Concepts
(ETC) through analyzing fine-grained semantic markup of descriptive
literature <http://taxonconceptexplorer.org/pub/Main_Page>

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